UDIN for Practising CA

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has made it mandatory for its members to get a unique document identification number, or UDIN, a move to identify and weed out fake chartered accountants. 

From February 1, 2019, all paperwork for clients will need to show UDIN of the chartered accountants. 

It has been noticed that financial documents and certificates are being attested by people who are posing as CA members and are misleading the authorities and stakeholders.

Updates on UDIN for CAs:

  1. We are pleased to share that the number of UDINs generated has already crossed One Million.
  2. UDIN: Full time practicing Chartered Accountants have to mandatory generate UDIN for the documents certified/ issued by them. As per the mandated schedule of ICAI, UDIN was made mandatory for all certificates from 1st Feb. 2019 onwards and for all GST & Tax Audit Reports from 1st April 2019.
  3. From 1st July 2019 onwards: UDIN will be mandatory for all other Attest / Assurance/Audit functions including Company Audit Reports.
  4. Members should chalk out the audit plans well in advance by sensitizing their clients so as to meet the last dates for filing of Annual Accounts and Annual Returns as UDIN will not be generated after the signature dates of Certificates/Report/Certificates/Audit Reports.
  5. We wish to further inform that ICAI in near future may not allow the grace period of 15 days for the generation of UDIN after signing the Certificates/Document/Audit Reports etc. which is in force right now.
  6. For the clarification of doubts in the minds of some Members, we would like to submit that UDIN is applicable in all signature whether signed digitally or otherwise (For example All MCA Forms, 15CB Form, etc.)
  7. Non-Compliance of UDIN directive will attract Disciplinary Proceedings as per Clause 1 of Part II of the Second Schedule of Chartered Accountant Act,1949.
  8. The members may visit the UDIN Portal https://udin.icai.org/ for the Process, FAQs and helpdesk. In case of any further information/ clarification, please email at udin@icai.in

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