Third Round Table Discussion of Chamber of Professionals (CoP) on 12th August, 2017

The Chamber of Professionals (CoP) is a Group and body of CS professionals and like minded Professionals. The purpose of this Group/Body is knowledge sharing, to develop Professional Public Speaker, to develop presentation skill, knowledge sharing on the currents Secretarial and Legal issue and Networking.

All Founder and Permanent members will be Coordinator of this Body and programme. Each and every decision will be taken on the consensus basis or through voting by the members regarding selection of topics of the discussion and Selection of the Speakers of the Day. 

Our Group will organize one Programme on monthly basis on every second Saturday of the month at 5 PM for 2 hours. Place of programme will be at Patel Nagar. This Group will work solely on self-sustainable model.

  • Groom Ourselves as a Professional Public Speaker
  • Choose our Own Topics 
  • Choose our own Speaker
  • Networking with nearby professionals
  • To enhance our reach professional and personally
  • Every member will be Coordinator
  • Speaker and Topics will be decided on Consensus basis or by voting 
  • Every day there will be two Speaker for 45 Minutes each
  • One Member will be Moderator, One Member will play role Time Master and complete analysis of the programme and Two Member will conclude the Programme and play role as summarisers. This role will be assigned to all members mandatorily on rotation basis.
  • Each member will mandatorily give their fair positive and negative opinion on the presentation to the insider speakers, moderator, analyzer and concluder for the improvements. 
We will not discuss any thing on the ICSI Political issue and also not condemn any thing on the ICSI programmes and their working. We will work in the Positive manner with self-development and help to the development of the Members of this body.

New members will be inducted on the consensus basis by the existing Members.

All members can give their suggestion and discuss for the betterment, improvement and development of the programme of this body.

Had any queries/questions, feel free to contact on the below credentials:

CS Awanish Srivastava
(Managing Partner)
Naks & Partners
Advocates & Solicitors,
28/142, Ground Floor, west Patel Nagar,
New Delhi-110008, Mobile : 09873334481
India Email

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