Strengthening of E-Way Bill System: Integration of E-way Bill with Vaahan system of transport department By

The Ministry has decided to offer the services to different stake holders like Banks, Insurance Companies etc on payment basis. The following procedure needs to be completed to enroll and use this service.

  • Applicant may fill the User ID creation form. Click here to download the prescribed form.

  • The duly filled application form needs to be submitted by the Head Office on official letter head to the Joint Secretary (T), Transport Bhawan, 1 Parliament Street, New Delhi -110003.

  • After verification and approval of the submitted application, user-id will be created and information will be communicated to the applicant.

  • The user id and password need to be changed immediately by the user organization.

  • Only one user id/ password will be issued to an organization. The organization may, in turn, create sub-user ids and passwords, if required, for its constituents/branches etc.

  • The records on NR may be accessed by the user organization after making advance payment of user charges as per the NR access policy. Click here to download the NR access policy.

Integration of E-way Bill with Vaahan system of transport department

  • E-Way Bill system is now integrated with Vaahan system of Transport Department.

  • Vehicle (RC) number entered in e-waybill will be verified with Vaahan data for its existence/correctness. If the vehicle number does not exist, then system will alert the user to check and correct, if required.

  • If the vehicle (RC) number is correct as per the tax payer, then he can continue with generation of E-Way Bill. However, he needs to get the vehicle number updated in the vaahan database so that in future E-Way Bill generation will not be affected.

  • If Vehicle no. is not available in the Vahan system user will get ‘Alert Message’ about the non-availability of vehicle number in vahan database. However, later, such vehicle numbers will not be allowed for the generation of e-way bill.

  • User should check and update the vehicle registration with the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO), otherwise after sometime this vehicle number will not be allowed for e-way bill generation.

  • Vahan System provides a nationwide search over the digitized data of Registered Vehicles. Therefore, for checking whether vehicle number is available in Vahan system or not, one can always check the vehicle number in Vahan system below;

  • In case, Vehicle number entered in the e-waybill is registered and system still showing ‘Alert Message’ it is suggested to reach to the concerned RTO. Once the vehicle details are updated in Vahan system, the status in e-Waybill system will subsequently get updated.
  • If the Vehicle number is with temporary registration, the details are not verified and one should enter the temporary number starting with TR.
  • In case the details of vehicle number are shown in Vahan website, however, in e-way bill portal it shows not available, one can contact the E-way bill Helpdesk and submit his grievance by specifying the Vehicle number which is there in Vahan system but not available in e-way bill portal.

This document will explain the new enhancements introduced to the e- Way Bill (EWB) generation form. The purpose of this document is to communicate the tax payers and transporters, details of the latest changes depicted with screen shots to enable them generate the e-Way Bill with ease. 8b424594e0e7d0fc279fdf5e1a638637.pdf

For any technical problems related to National Register you may contact:

Email: helpdesk-vahan[at]gov[dot]in
Phone: +91-120-2459168 (Timings: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM)


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