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It is not novice to know that the GST Network is considerably looking for simplification of procedures assessing the user interface of the GST Portal and Systems. Apart from steps towards betterment of implementation of the law through its Council Meets, the Network also steps towards ease of compliance by taxpayers through simplification of the processes and GST online filing system.
Recently, the Network has announced changes in Form GSTR 3B to simplify the processes by addition of new facilities and features. Added new features in form GSTR 3B and other functionalities on GST Portal will hopefully result in the reduction of hassles for the taxpayers. GSTR 3B has been made easy and user-friendly by redesigning of the processes and improvement in user interface.
The balances of the cash, as well as credit ledgers, will be available at single window reflecting the details of the balance available in the respective ledger prior to proceeding for the payments. The tax liabilities declared in the return will be updated in the ledgers and reflected in the column named “Tax Payable.”
Further, GST system will automatically populate the “Tax to be paid through ITC” field with optimum utilization amounts based on the provision of the law relating to credit utilization. However, the fields will be editable by the taxpayers and the amount payable through cash will be automatically changed, unlike the earlier system.
The system, previous to implemented measures, has caused trouble for taxpayers through discrepancy of the payment Challan generated and the payment mode. In order to discard such discrepancy through another measure is taken where the available cash balance in Electronic cash ledger is insufficient to offset the liabilities, additional cash required for paying liability is being displayed in the last column of the Table (Additional cash required). For the said amount payable, the Challan for payment can be created by directly clicking on the “CREATE CHALLAN” button. After making the payment, the system will navigate back to Payments Table. This reduces chances of payment of tax under wrong head by the taxpayers.A tab named “Make payment/ Post Credit Ledger” button will be enabled to pay off the liabilities and to claim the credit where there is no liability to be paid off through cash by the taxpayers.
New facilities will not require filling CGST & UGST/SGST separately as filling information of one Tax will automatically fill information for the other.Apart from providing additional guides for online return filings in form of user manual and FAQs, the taxpayers will also be able to download the form GSTR 3B to verify the details in a tabular manner by the newly added feature provided in the form for review of the entries before proceeding for the payment of tax.
Additionally, the taxpayers have been provided with the facility to give details of suppliers made to merchant exports at the rate of 0.1% in all returns.
Form GST ITC 03 is made available on the portal for the taxpayers to declare the reversal of ITC and payment of tax on inputs held in stock.
E-Way Bill under GST:

E-Way Bill that is an electronic document to be filed online for the movement of specified goods from one State to another or for the intra-state movement through the allotted portal. While initial implementation, taxpayers have faced glitches on the portal, for which the implementation was deferred till unannounced period. The announcement was made Saturday, 24th Feb, for its implementation on interstate movement of goods. 
For intra-state movement of goods, the system will be implemented in the phased manner through initial implementation at 4 to 5 States. The said proposal of implementation is to be placed before GST Council for approval on March 10. Hence, we shall look forward to the next meeting of the Council for further details of implications.
Self Help Portal:

Another convenient feature in form of Self Help Portal is enabled to raise the tickets of the error or queries of the stakeholders and keep a log for same. The portal will be more helpful instead of communication through e-mail as it will help the stakeholder to have a log of the tickets and track the same any time. Further, the same will also help the Network to work on the deficiencies and inconvenience faced by the taxpayers while GST online return filing and other user interfaces. Self Help Portal was launched on 22nd day of January 2018 at
Realisation and implementation of the dream of One Nation One Tax possible in India have faced various difficulties and glitches, however, the Government is continuously working to make it more simplified and hassle-free for the taxpayers and stakeholder. Looking forward to the betterment of the nation, Government welcomes the suggestions and improvements from different stakeholders.
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