SEBI Scores: A Mobile Application For Lodging Investor Grievances with SEBI By CS Lalit Rajput

SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) launches mobile application for lodging investor grievances in  SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES) vide Press Release No. PR No.14/2020 dated 05th Day of March, 2020 to  improve  the  ease  of  doing  business.

This is another effort of SEBI in improving  digitalization  in  securities  market”

Mobile Application named “SEBI  SCORES”.


  1. “SCORES  mobile  app  will  make  it  easier  for  investors  to  lodge  their  grievances  with SEBI,
  2. can now access SCORES at their convenience of a smart phone.
  3. will encourage investors to lodge their complaints on SCORES rather than sending letters to SEBI in physical mode”.
  4. After mandatory  registration  on  the  App,:
  5. for  each  grievance  lodged,  investors  will  get  an acknowledgement via SMS and e-mail on their registered mobile numbers and e-mail ID respectively
  6. Investors can not only file their grievances but also track the status of their complaint  redressal.
  7. Investors  can  also  key  in  reminders  for  their  pending grievances.
  8. Tools  like  FAQs  on  SCORES  for  better  understanding  of  the  complaint handling  process  can  also  be  accessed
  9. Connectivity  to  the SEBI Toll  Free  Helpline number has been provided from the App for any clarifications/help that investors may require.


SCORES is a platform designed to help investors to lodge their complaints online with SEBI,  pertaining  to  securities  market,  against  listed companies, SEBI  registered intermediaries and SEBI recognized Market Infrastructure Institutions.

As per  SEBI  norms, entities against  whom  complaints are  lodged are  required  to file  an Action Taken Report with SEBI within 30 days of receipt of complaints.

The Mobile App “SEBI SCORES” is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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