Registration Process Under RERA, Important Aspects for Promoters, Role of Practicing Company Secretary By CS Yashree Dixit,

Dear Professional Colleagues,

This Act comes into force on 1st May 2017 as per Central Government notification in the Official Gazette April 2017.

This Act applies in the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir.

  • This act useful to a consumer to protect the interest in real estate sector, timely delivering project and easily resolved the dispute with adjudicating authority.

  • The real estate project includes the development of the building, apartments, land into plots or apartments/ existing building into apartments.

  • Every promoter is required for the registration of real estate project with the authority under the Real estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016. All ongoing projects which have not received completion certificate will need to register within 3 months of the Commencement of this act.

  • Promoters are not required for registrations of the real estate project If the land size area is does not exceed 500 Sq.Meters and/or no of apartments does not exceed 8, Renovation /Re-pair/Re-development, promoter already received commencement certificate prior to the commencement of this act.

  • No Promoter shall advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale or invite the person to purchase in any manner plot, apartment or building or any other real estate project without registering the real estate project with the authority.

  • While the registering project promoter should disclose all the details in the application form of the project from starting of the project till the receiving of completion certificate.

  • The responsibility of promoter that 70% of the amount realized for the project from the allottees, shall be deposited in a separate account to be maintained with the scheduled bank to cover the cost of construction and land cost shall be used for that purpose.

  • The promoter should not be withdrawn any amount from the separate account till the certified by an engineer, an architect and a chartered accountant that the withdrawal is in proportion to the percentage of completion of the project.

  • The promoter is required to get his account audited within six months in every financial year from PRACTICING CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

If the promoter provides false information or contravention any provision of section 4 he shall be liable to a penalty which may extend up to 5% of the estimated cost of the real estate project.


  • Applicant has to file an application for registration with RERA in the prescribed form with fees.
  • Application for registration either approved or rejected by the authority within 30 days from the receipt of the application.
  • On successful registration, the promoter of the project will be provided registration No, login id and password.
The promoter shall enclose following details with the application:
  • A brief Details of enterprise name, Registered address, types of the enterprise, name and photograph of the promoter.
  • Details of the project launched in last 5 years including current project, in case any of the pending project, type of land and payment pending.
  • Certified true copy of the commencement certificate from appropriate authority.
  • Layout plan- whole project and each sanctioned phase by the appropriate authority.
  • Development work plan and proposed facility.
  • Location of the detailed project.
  • Allotment letter, an agreement for sale, conveyance deed proposed to be signed with allottees.
  • Number and the carpet area of apartments in the project.
  • Name and address of the real estate agent if any of the proposed project.
  • Name and address of the contractor, architecture, structural engineer or any other person for the concerned of this project.
  • A declaration supported by an affidavit, and signed by the promoter or any other person authorized by the promoter.

A Company Secretary is one such professional who is responsible for valuable/efficient management in the corporate sector. He is play a vital role in the advisory to the board of directors, compliance under various law and Registration process. Apart from this given advice in finance, legal, accountant, secretarial, a personal and administrative function of all the public and private sector of the company.
  • Financial Advisory services
  • Registration and extension procedure of real estate project with competent authority
  • Taxation aspect of real estate of project
  • Drafting various documents, relating to projects
  • Issue certificate relating compliance of corporate governance
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Funding option of real estate project
  • Due-diligence report for bank
  • Various function, Obligation, duties, responsibility in the real estate project towards promoters
  • To explain variously applicable provision under real estate project.

(11)Represent before any real estate regulatory authority for real estate project or real estate appellate tribunal.

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