Professionalism and Unprofessionalism: One Way to Opt By Mridul Srivastava

Dear Friends,

Professionalism and Unprofessionalism, both are 2 simple words with different meanings.

I have used these two words. Because these two words are the most used words in any working industry. However, I feel that the context these two words are used in, every time,  do they have any meaning to it?

When I was in my school, this word was just a word with a meaning, nobody used to use these words, there were few rules, which we were asked to follow, like wearing ironed uniform, combed hairs, clean nails, polished shoes, in classroom we have to study, we were not supposed to talk and a lot of other things, which many of us did and many of us did not.

But we all completed the school one day, some did it on time, some were late and some extraordinary people did it before time as well. We paid money for that. Schools(I am talking about private schools of India) were taking money for providing a service, they did that. Whether you followed all the rules properly or not. Then after school, the time came for college. I went there. Things were quite different there.

I realized,  college gives you a time to grow up and have a look at this world in a different way. Then things like debates, group discussion about changing the world and society were happening more often,  which actually grabs your interest in life. Somewhere down the line, these things add more value and interest to life.

And everybody around us used to get happy and used to praise when we did something creative or anything we were passionate about. Sayings, like 'follow your passion' 'don't care what people say' are the identity of a modern, democratic and a liberal human.

We paid money for doing college. But now after college is done when we entered the world of professionalism, where we will get money to do work. We are expecting things like weekends (good or bad), passion, holidays, etc.

A world where professionalism means LYING nothing else. Example when you join any organization,  they promise you will get lovely appraisals IF you work hard if you PROVE yourself. But when you get it or even you get it or you don't is important.

The important part is the one who actually got it, how he/she did that. Was that hard work or passion,  what? nobody is praising you when you are doing things you are passionate about,  nobody cares how creative you are. It's all about sending emails on time. That email decides that person is hardworking or not, that person is PROFESSIONAL or UNPROFESSIONAL.

However, I am very professional I go to work before time :)

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