Procedure for Newspaper/ Magazine (RNI) Registration in India By CS Prince Arora

The Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) is statutory authority for authorizing the publishing of Books, Newspapers and Magazines Registration in India. It is regulated by the Press and Books Registration Act, 1867 (PRC Act, 1867). Some of the responsibilities entrusted with RNI include compliance and maintenance of a Registrar of Newspapers, issue of Certificate of Registration to the newspapers (RNI Registration), scrutiny and analysis of annual statements sent by the publishers for newspapers, ensuring newspapers published are in accordance with the press and registration of Books Act, verifying circulation claims and non-statutory functions.

Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), office is situated at Delhi. All the application is finally settled at Delhi.

Registration process of Newspapers and Magazine divided into 3 steps.

  1. Title Verification
  2. Declaration stage
  3. Final Registration
Title Verification

For this the applicant has to make an application for title verification indicating the name of newspaper or magazine, language (one or multi), periodicity (daily/weekly/quarterly etc.), owner name, place of publication, type of publisher, name of editor, name and address of printing press and demographic details of the publisher and such other things as may be required and submit it to the District Magistrate concerned. From 1st March, 2015 the office of Registration of Newspapers in India has also provided the facility of filing online application for title verification. Online Application for title verification is very simple, easy and hassle free process. So the applicant has to submit both the applications (online application & physical application in Part-1) to the SDM office along with id proof, address proof and printing press certificate.

- The District Magistrate after ensuring the all details of the applicant, will forward the application to the RNI (Delhi), who in turn checks the availability of the title and if found verifies it. RNI informs the DM and publisher/Applicant, the availability of the title by issuing a letter of title verification.

Once the title is verified, the registration documents must have been filled with in 2 years.

Generally this stage takes approx 30 business days.


Once the owner’s title verified, he has to apply for the declaration to SDM office with the below mention documents.

  1. 4 Copies of form B.
  2. 1 photo and 3 specimen signature attested by GOs.
  3. Copy of printing press declaration attested by GOs.
  4. Copy of title issued from RNI attested by GOs.
  5. Copy of resolution in case of owner is firm/Company/Society.
  6. Income Proof attested by GOs.
  7. Residential proof attested by GOs.
  8. Copy of appointment letter of Publisher/Printer in case the owner is not publisher/Printer.

Generally this stage takes 30-45 business days.

Final Registration

Once applicant received the declaration, issued by RNI, he/she shall be legally authorize to publish his/her newspaper or magazine in India.

The first issue of the newspaper should be printed within 45 days from the date of authentication of the declaration if it is a daily or weekly and in case of other periodicals, within 90 days.

Below mention documents should be submitted at the time of final registration.

  1. Application
  2. Title approval letter
  3. Declaration (Form-1), authorize by Department.
  4. Agreement with printing press.
  5. Declaration by keeper of printing press
  6. No foreign tie-up Agreement
  7. FDI Affidavit
  8. Imprint Line.

Within 30-45 business days RNI verified all the documents, if all the documents are fit and fine license shall be issued to the publisher/applicant.

Generally this stage takes 30-45 days.

Post Registration Process

A copy of the newspaper should be delivered to the RNI whenever it is printed. The first issue after the last day of February should contain the Form No. IV duly filled in (Statement regarding ownership and other particulars of the newspaper). It is also mandatory to submit an annual statement in form II, on or before the last day of May every year. In case of daily newspapers, an additional form AR-R may also be submitted.

A copy of every printed edition should be submitted quarterly to RNI, Delhi.


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