Memorize Well-Don’t Mug Up: All The Best For CS Exams

Dear CS Students,

Hope your exam preparation is going pretty awesome.

Well; I can understand what toughness you would be facing these days as I have also been through it. You know what ? I could clear all CS Levels in first attempt be it foundation, Executive or Professional, not because I am very intelligent and extra-meritorious rather due to the study methodology I followed. 

Please keep in mind the following points to score good marks and clear exams with flying colors.

Know yourself well. Find out the most effective studying methods that suits you, you need not follow anyone else. Some people acquire knowledge better with visual methods, for others, by reading and jotting down notes. Attempt various methods such as taking note in condensed format, highlighting key points or even associate things with the knowledge that may help in memorizing.

1. Get organized

The key is keeping all the notes in order. I would deduce that by keeping the notes in order, we could easily revise at a glance, locate essential related information and thus improving our effectiveness in understanding them. 

2. Engage study partners

Get together with your good friends to form study groups and engage by asking each other good questions and provide good feedback. As iron sharpen iron, such group will certainly help to drill down the concept and enhance understanding of the topics and sort out your coming queries.

3. Make summary notes

I personally feel that you should try to make it possible to make summary notes of every chapter in one or two pages and give proper time as it will help you at the last hour preparation.

4. Have a positive attitude

This is one of the key to the success in professional courses exam preparation like CS. We need to believe in ourselves, if we don’t, no one will. We need to have the confidence and positive attitude towards the venture, never relent and never give up.

  • Give yourself enough time to study. Don''t leave it until the last minute. ...
  • Organize your study space.
  • Use flow charts and diagrams.
  • Practice on old exams.
  • Explain your answers to others.
  • Organize study groups with friends.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Snack on ''brain food''.

I wish you all success in your respective exams of Company Secretaryship.

CS Gaurav Kumar
Compliance Calendar LLP


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