Issue of Certified Copies of Orders and Circulars by Shubham Phule

Sebi Vide its Circular No- CIR /LAD/1/2019 dated 4th April, 2019 in order to streamline procedure for issue of certified copies of orders and circulars came up with following procedure.

Issue of Certified Copy to Persons against Whom Order Has Been Passed By the Board, Adjudicating Officer Or Recovery Officer

1. A certified copy of the order passed by the board or the AO or Recovery officer shall be provided by the enforcement department or by the enquiries and adjudication department or by the recovery and refund department  or by the concerned operational department to the person who is the party to the said proceedings without charging any fee.

2. Provided that where there is acknowledgement on record that certified copy has already been issued then for subsequent certified copy of the order, the fees provided herewith will be applicable.

3. Issue of Certified copy of order or circular to any applicant:

a) An Application is to be made to the concerned department for certified copies of the orders passed by board, adjudicating officer or recovery officer or circulars issued by the departments of the board.
b) An Application is to be made any time after the order is passed or circular is issued.
c) An officer of the rank of Assistant Manager and above the concerned division department who is in possession of the original order or circular may issue copy of order or circular copy of order with prior approval of division chief, within five working days from the date of receipt of complete application.
d) The Certified copy of the order or circular shall be issued  after verifying the same with the original order or circular

4. The Certified copy shall contain the following

a)The words  certified to be true copy shall be  conspicuously  visible on the bottom of the last page  along with name  and designation of officer certifying it;
b) Office Seal at the bottom of every page along with full signature of the officer  certifying it on  the last page of the copy and the initials on the remaining pages
c) The date of issue of certified copy;
d) Information as to the no of pages of the order or circular contained;

5. Every division/department shall maintain records of certified copies given and serial no to each copy;

6. Fee Payment: A non refundable fee of Rs. 50/- per order or circular or Rs. 5/- per page, whichever is higher shall be charged as fees for such certified copy. The Same shall be paid along with application by way of demand draft in favour of Securities and Exchange Board of India payable at Mumbai or by way of direct credit into bank through NEFT/IMPS or any other mode allowed by RBI;

7. In case of receipt of Demand Draft the same shall be sent to the General Services Treasury and Accounts Division immediately upon receipt of the same. In case payments made electronically the applicant shall intimate the same to the concerned department along with necessary details.

8. Certified copies shall be collected by the applicant in person against proper acknowledgement. However upon specific request and subject to payment of charges; certified copies may be dispatched to the applicant by speed post or Registered Post with acknowledgement due or through Courier Service.

References:  SEBI Circular No- CIR/LAD/2019 dated 4th April, 2019

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