ICSI Webinar on Recent decisions of GST Council, Today at 03:00 PM 2 PCH for members.

Link to join https://camonview.com/icsi/19032020/

As you are kindly aware the GST Council has been undertaking various new initiatives with a view to align with the mandate of the Government of India to promote ease of doing business.

In view of the same, the ICSI has scheduled a Webinar on Recent decisions of GST Council and intricacies of GST- Input Tax Credit to be held on Thursday, 19th March, 2020 at 03.00 PM at ICSI HQ, New Delhi. The webinar would be addressed by Shri Bimal Jain, Executive Consultant, A2Z Taxcorp LLP and moderated by CS Manish Gupta, Council Member, ICSI.

You may note that with a view to facilitate the members to comply with the Guidelines for Compulsory Attendance of Professional Development Programmes, members who attend the complete webinar will be entitled to 2 PCH.

(CS Ashish Garg)

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