How is the New TV Bill calculated by the DTH Company/ Cable Operator By CS Megha Trivedi

TRAI’s new cable, DTH rules: 

  • Here's how to choose your channels on Tata Sky, Airtel Dish TV, etc and calculate your bill.
  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s new regulatory regime for cable operators and DTH companies have come into play from the month of February 2019.
  • The new rules seek to make it easier for customers to choose what they wish to watch on television, and pay only for the channels that they prefer, rather than be bound by packs decided by the cable operator or DTH company.
However, for many users, there is still confusion about how the new regulatory regime functions.
For users who are unsure about how to choose their channels, and what the new television bill will be like, here are details to keep in mind. We also explain how a user can choose their channels and calculate their bills.
How is the new TV bill calculated by the DTH company, cable operator?

The new regulatory tariff introduces a monthly NCF or Network Capacity Fee to your cable TV bill. This NCF is Rs 130 for 100 channels. 

NCF Fees Rs 130+18% GST = Rs 153.

For those who choose more than 100 channels in their monthly pack, there will be extra NCF of Rs 20 for a slab of 25 channels.

So if you choose to say 150 channels in total, then your

NCF is Rs 130+20+20 or Rs 170 + 18% GST = Rs 200.

Keep in mind that this is just the Network Capacity Fee. The cost of paid channels will be extra in your bill.

What are paid channels, why are there 25 free DD channels in my pack?
Paid channels are those which have a monthly cost attached to them. Not all channels are expensive. You can get news channels for a low as 0.50 paise per month also. The maximum price of a channel has been limited to Rs 19. However, some players like Tata Sky and others are showing prices inclusive of GST, so it might be more.
You can add paid channels to your list of 100 or more channels. 
However, the cost of paid channels will be extra in your bill.
It will be Rs 130 (NCF) + price of paid channels + 18% GST. = Rs. XXX
The 25 free DD channels are already there in your pack. You cannot remove these from the list. This explains why when you start choosing channels on say Airtel, Tata Sky, etc. it starts with 25 channels pre-chosen, which are the DD ones.

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