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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has presented innumerable improvements towards complete assurance of fairness and regularity in the progressing Food sector. Recently, a portion of the key reforms actualized in this direction, for example, the food security review led crosswise over India, and the regular examination of FSSAI registration and FSSAI license among the food business tasks in India.

  • All the food businesses must acquire a food license or FSSAI registration online before beginning their business. The FSSAI number must be referenced in the item bundle.
  • A FSSAI License is legitimate for next 5 years, after which, one needs to get the FSSAI License renewed by giving vital reports.
  • In any case, the query emerges that how might we check whether the FSSAI registration is genuine. So as to follow the authenticity of FSSAI license number, we should initially know the formation of the FSSAI license number.

#1. What does FSSAI License Number comprise of?

  • The FSSAI license number which is issued to a wide range of food businesses, consist of of 14 digits. Essentially, there are different sorts of FSSAI registration relying on their size of the business task.
  • As per the need, these 14-digits of a FSSAI license number are additionally isolated into 5 gatherings.
  • Each gathering delineate data regarding the kind of the food business operator, which differentiates it from the others.
  • The FSSAI expert recognizes the food business administrator on this aspect.

#2. What are the different 5 parts of an FSSAI License Number?

The 5 different columns of the FSSAI registration number are talked about beneath:

  • The first digit portrays whether the business is having FSSAI registration or FSSAI license. If there should arise an occurrence of FSSAI registration, first digit will be '1', while in the event of FSSAI license, first digit will be '2'.
  • The second and third digits tell the FSSAI License state code. Focal FSSAI license is portrayed by '00', while State licenses are appeared progressive digits.
  • The fourth and fifth digits demonstrate the year when the business got the FSSAI registration.
  • The sixth, seventh and eighth digits mean the Registrar Officer under whose locale the FSSAI License falls. Thus, each state will allot these digits from 001 to 999 as Registrar Officers.
  • The ninth to fourteenth digits demonstrate the sequential number of the food business operator, who is under a particular Registrar Officer. Every Registrar Officer can hold upto 10 lakh food businesses, or sequential numbers up to 999999.

#3. What things must be planned soon after you get your FSSAI registration?

In the event that you have your FSSAI registration, here are the key angles that you should not overlook:

  • The FSSAI license number of the FBO must be there on the packs.
  • The textual style and color of the FSSAI logo must be clear enough to the remaining bit of the bundle with the goal that logo and FSSAI number are recognizable.
  • The measure of the letters, letter sets, and digits must be according to the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulation, 2011.
  • The FSSAI license number ought to likewise be imprinted on the bundles of different clumps of a decent.
  • All FBOs should utilize the FSSAI logo and license number on their food things till the legitimacy of their food license expires, for example till 5 years.

#4. How can we check the FSSAI license number?

Here's the procedure to Check FSSAI license number

  • Visit FSSAI government website.
  • Go to the food business operator seek page, enter the specific following number correctly and click "Submit" key.            
  • A page will show up, where you will almost certainly observe short portrayal of your food business having FSSAI registration.

#5. What should we do after FSSAI Registration?

Soon After getting an FSSAI Registration, it’s compulsory to show the FSSAI license or FSSAI certificate at the food premises. Besides, you need to display the FSSAI logo on your product packages also.

How to use FSSAI License number on your food products?

If you are selling food product in the market, you are required to clearly put on view the FSSAI number on your product package as well as the ingredients and flavors used into the product.

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