Guidelines for changing Email ID and Mobile Number at GSTN Portal By CS Shiriti Kumari

Dear Professional Colleagues,

For every GSTN User, this question heads up just after the fresh GST registration because initially he always uses his own Mobile Number and email ID for the One Time Password (OTP).

It is normal course that any person who is involved in GST registration always prefers to use his/her own email and mobile number whose GST registration is authenticated via one time password and this way so he doesn’t have to call the client each time. However, once GST registration is over, one tries to look for the option to edit the profile. Unfortunately, he finds no option to change the ID and password.

This article will explain as to how a person can change the email and mobile number on GSTN website.

Below are the important steps which are required to be followed by the GSTN User/Taxpayer for changing of email and mobile number: 

  • Step-2: Click on the registration bar and select the non-core amendment;
  • Step-3: Click on the authorised signatory tab;
  • Step-4: Add new authorised signatory whose email and mobile number user wants to use;
  • Step-5: Go to verification tab and submit the application;
  • Step-6: After submission of application please wait for some time;
  • Step-7: Login again with user id and password;
  • Step-8: Go to the authorised signatory tab – deselect the primary authorised signatory check box;
  • Step-9: Select the newly added authorised signatory as primary authorised signatory; and
  • Step-10: Go to the verification tab and submit.
(Important: Older Mobile Number and E-mail ID will be prefetched by the system. Please ensure to change the mobile and email id to which you want to add.)

[Note: For Company/LLP DSC will be allowed. For EVC submission, OTP will come on newly added email/mobile number]


If you have forgotten or do not have access to both your registered Email and Mobile No., you are requested to send a Notarised Affidavit along with your Identity proof and Address proof to Head, INSPIRE Programme Division, DST, clearly informing your complete details. Please mention your new email address & new mobile No. in the affidavit. After the receipt of the affidavit, the DST-INSPIRE shall check the credentials of the online applicant and inform him/her about further process through email only.

CS Shiriti Kumari
Compliance Calendar LLP

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