GST Topic wise Study Material by ICAI

Sl. No. Chapter Name BGM portion FAQs & MCQs Standardized PPTs Short Videos
1  Constitution GST Amendment Act      Constitution and GST  
2  CHAPTER I: PRELIMINARY AND ADMINISTRATION   Click here   Click here   Important Definitions  
3  CHAPTER II: ADMINISTRATION   Click here     Administration  
4  CHAPTER III: LEVY AND COLLECTION OF TAX   Click here   Click here   Levy & Collction of tax  
4A  CHAPTER IIIA: Classification & Exemption at serial number 4A     Click here    
5  CHAPTER IV: TIME AND VALUE OF SUPPLY   Click here   Click here   Time and value of Supply  
6  CHAPTER V: INPUT TAX CREDIT   Click here   Click here   Input tax credit  
7  CHAPTER VI: REGISTRATION   Click here   Click here   Registration  
8  CHAPTER VII: TAX INVOICE, CREDIT AND DEBIT NOTES   Click here   Click here   Tax Invoice Debit and Credit Note  
9  CHAPTER VIII: ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS   Click here   Click here   Accounts and Records  
10  CHAPTER IX: RETURNS   Click here   Click here   Returns  
11  CHAPTER X: PAYMENT OF TAX   Click here   Click here   Payment of Tax  
12  CHAPTER XI: REFUNDS   Click here   Click here   Refunds  
13 CHAPTER XII: ASSESSMENT   Click here   Click here   Assessment  
14 CHAPTER XIII: AUDIT   Click here   Click here   Audit  
15 CHAPTER XIV: INSPECTION, SEARCH, SEIZURE AND ARREST   Click here   Click here   Inspection, Search, Seizure & Arrest  
15A E-Way-Bill       E-Way-Bill  
16 CHAPTER XV: DEMANDS AND RECOVERY   Click here   Click here   Demand & Recovery  
17 CHAPTER XVI: LIABILITY TO PAY IN CERTAIN CASES   Click here   Click here   Liability to Pay in certain Cases  
18 CHAPTER XVII: ADVANCE RULING   Click here   Click here   Advance Ruling  
19 CHAPTER XVIII: APPEALS AND REVISION   Click here   Click here   Appeals and revisions  
20 CHAPTER XIX: OFFENCES AND PENALTIES   Click here   Click here   Offences & Penalties  
21 CHAPTER XX: TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS   Click here   Click here   Transitional Provisions  
22 CHAPTER XXI: MISCELLANEOUS   Click here   Click here   Miscellaneous-Sec 143-174  
23 IGST : Place of Supply   Click here   Click here   IGST - Place of Supply  
24 IGST - Other than place of Supply   Click here   Click here   IGST except place of supply  
25 Union Territory Goods and Service Tax Act   Click here      
26 Compensation to States Act   Click here   Click here   Compensation to States Act  

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