GST Notifications dated 01.05.2021 By Ankit Lohiya

1. Relaxation in interest rates on late payment of GST for return periods of Quarter ending March 2021 & for the month of March & April 2021(refer  attached PDF for details - No.08/2021-CT & No.01/2021-UTT).
2. No late fees if Monthly GSTR-3B of March/April 2021 filed by Taxpayers with Turnover more than 5 Crore & upto 5 Crore within 15 days & 30 days from original due date respectively. Also, late fees waiver if GSTR-3B for Jan-Mar 2021, filed within 30 days from the original due date. 
3. Due Date of GSTR-4 for FY 20-21 extended to 31.05.2021.
4. Due Date of GST ITC-04 for the period Jan-Mar 2021(Q4 FY 20-21) extended to 31.05.2021.
5. GSTR1 due date for April 21 extended to 26.05.2021.
6. Restriction of 5% Provisional ITC shall be applicable cumulatively for April & May 2021 in Form GSTR3B for May 2021.
7. Due Date of Invoice Furnishing Facility(IFF) for April 2021 extended to 28.05.2021.
8. Extension of Time limit for certain compliances like completion of proceedings, filing of appeals, etc. (refer attached PDF for details - No.14/2021-CT).

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