FAQs on Maternity Act [CS Hera Siddiqui]

What is Maternity Benefit Act in India?

The Maternity Benefit Act provides that a woman will be paid maternity benefit at the rate of her average daily wage in the three months preceding her maternity leave. ... The Maternity Benefit Act originally provided maternity benefit of 12 weeks, out of which up to six weeks could be claimed before delivery.

What is the rule of maternity leave?

According to the Maternity Benefit Act female workers are entitled to a maximum of 12 weeks (84 days) of maternity leave. Out of these 12 weeks, six weeks leave is post-natal leave. In case of miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy, a worker is entitled to six weeks of paid maternity leave.

What is the Maternity Benefit Act?

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 protects the employment of women during the time of her maternity and entitles her of a 'maternity benefit' – i.e. full paid absence from work – to take care for her child.

Who qualifies for maternity leave?

Maternity benefits shall cover all married and unmarried women, including female workers in the informal economy. Female workers in the informal economy are entitled to maternity leave benefits if they have remitted to the SSS at least three (3) monthly contributions in the twelve (12)-month period immediately

How many months do you get for maternity leave?

The FMLA requires many — though not all — companies in the U.S. to allow their employees (both male and female) 12 weeks of unpaid family leave within a 12-month period after the birth or adoption of a child.

Can I take maternity leave at 5 months pregnant?

As per the law, you may begin your pregnancy leave any time in eight weeks before delivery but you can't take more than that preceding your due date. If you're bearing a third child, your pre-delivery leave can only last one and a half months.

Can I start maternity leave after baby is born?

If you told your employer you want start maternity leave the day after your baby's born, you do not need to change anything. If you want to start your maternity leave early, you can ask your employer.

Is maternity leave compulsory?

It is compulsory for women to take two weeks of maternity leave, or four weeks if they work in a factory, following the birth of their baby. This is for health and safety reasons. It is unlawful for an employer to allow a woman to work during her compulsory maternity leave period.

Can I use my husband SSS for maternity?

Maternity benefit covers all female self-employed, voluntary, overseas Filipino worker (OFW), non-working spouse members, and female members who are separated from employment and have not yet received any advance payment of maternity benefit from their previous employers.

What is the best time to start maternity leave?

When can I start my maternity leave? In normal circumstances, the earliest your maternity leave can start is 11 weeks before the date your baby is due. If your baby is premature, or there is another pregnancy-related reason for you to be off work, you may need to start your maternity leave before this.

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