ESIC Launches New Health Passbook for the ESI Beneficiaries By Global HR Associates

In a fresh attempt to make the ESIC workflow more transparent, ESIC has come up with a solution of ESI health passbook to maintain Health record of IPs and their dependents which may prove to be futile and counterproductive.

IPs have to carry the ESI health passbook in order to get the free medical benefits under the ESI.

This physical booklet will contain all the demographic details of a member of the IP-family along with their attested photographs for proper identity verification at the ESIC dispensaries and ESIC model hospitals. This booklet will also contain a mobile number and a unique QR code.

Employer shall attest the health passbook after affixing beneficiary’s photograph on the Health Passbook. This passbook may also be issued to IPs/ Beneficiaries by ESIC Branch Office/ DCBO & Hospitals.

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