Emsigner error on GST Portal By DSC Wizard

Error - “Failed to establish a connection to the server. Kindly restart the Emsigner”
Follow the steps below:
1). Uninstall previous Emsigner and Download latest Emsigner from GST Site.

2). Install latest the PKI Driver in your computer.
     (Refer link : https://www.dscwizard.com/download)
3). Google Chrome: Open Chrome -- Settings -- Advance -- Content Setting -- Javascript -- Under Allow Tab Click on “Add” on right side And add this address "" & "https://www.gst.gov.in"
4). Run CMD (Command Prompt) AND Run as Administrator

Copy and paste the below line in CMD and press enter 
"netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=1645 listenaddress= connectport=1585 connectaddress="
5). Open Google Chrome with this link "" AND click on "advance button" AND click on "Proceed to (unsafe)"

Don't worry if refer link is not working.
Try again your Digital Signature Certificate on GST Portal.
Note: No need to do always all steps, just complete the 4th and 5th steps, if facing the error.

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