Designation of 7 Individuals as Terrorists Under Section 35 (1) (a) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)


June 23, 2022

The Chairpersons/ CEOs of all the Regulated Entities

Madam/Dear Sir,

Designation of 7 individuals as ‘Terrorists’ under Section 35 (1) (a) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), 1967 and their listing in the Schedule IV of the Act- Reg.

In terms of Section 53 of our Master Direction on Know Your Customer dated February 25, 2016 as amended on May 10, 2021, “The procedure laid down in the UAPA Order dated February 2, 2021 (Annex II of this Master Direction) shall be strictly followed and meticulous compliance with the Order issued by the Government shall be ensured.” Further, please also refer to Section 52 of the aforementioned Master Direction on Know Your Customer.

2. In this connection, please refer to the Gazette notification of the MHA in respect of seven individuals who have been declared as ‘Terrorists’ and have been listed in the Schedule IV of the UAPA 1967, under Section 35 (1) (a) of UAPA 1967.

The link to the aforementioned Gazette notification is provided below:

The Statutory Order (S.O.) numbers and the respective entries are in the table below:

S.O. Numbers Entries
1729(E) 32. Hafiz Talha Saeed
1735(E) 33. Mohiuddin Aurangzeb Alamgir @ Maktab Ameer @ Mujahid Bhai @Muhammad Bhai @M.Ammar @Abu Ammar Madam @ Orangzaib Anzar @ Maulana Ammar Madni @ Maulana Ammar @ Abu Ammar @ Ammar Alvi
1768(E) 34. Ali Kashif Jan @ Jan Ali Kashif
1820(E) 35. Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar @Latram
1737(E) 36. Ashiq Ahmed Nengroo @Nengroo @Ashaq Hussain Nengroo @Ashaq Moulvi
1857(E) 37. Sheikh Sajad @Sheikh Sajjad Gul @Sajjad Gul @Sajjad Ah Sheikh
1876(E) 38. Arjumand Gulzar Dar @Hamza Burhan @Doctor

3. REs are advised to take note of the aforementioned Gazette notification issued by MHA for necessary action. Further, REs shall also take note of any amendments to Schedule IV of the UAPA, 1967, in the future, for necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

(Santosh Kumar Panigrahy)
Chief General Manager

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