Daily Reports on Foreign Investment Limits Monitoring [FILM]

As you are aware, NSDL as a Designated Depository has been monitoring the Foreign Investment limits in respect of listed Issuers which have appointed NSDL as "Designated Depository” for facilitating issuers to monitor foreign investment limits in respect of its listed company as advised under SEBI Circular Nos. IMD/FPIC/CIR/P/2018/61 dated April 5, 2018.
The companies which fall under the Red Flag List and Breach List are disseminated on NSDL websites viz. https://www.issuer.nsdl.com/ or www.fpi.nsdl.co.in or www.nsdl.co.in.
In this regard, we wish to mention that, NSDL have been sending the details of foreign investment limits (as being monitored by NSDL) to the registered users of issuers through email on weekly / periodic basis.
We are happy to inform you that a new report viz., ‘Foreign Investment Limit Monitoring Report’  has been incorporated on NSDL Issuer services Portal viz., [https://issuer.nsdl.com] wherein Issuers can now view details of foreign investment limits as being monitored by NSDL. The aforesaid monitoring report will be generated on daily basis at end of day and can be accessed on NSDL Issuer Service Portal under ‘Reports’.
Company Profile >> Reports >> Foreign Investment Limit Monitoring Report
The registered users of Issuers can login and access the aforesaid report on NSDL Issuer Services Portal. In case users have forgotten password, they can reset their password by using “Forgot Password” facility available on NSDL Issuer Portal.
The aforesaid Foreign investment monitoring report has been made available on NSDL Issuer service portal from December 16, 2019. In view of this, the Foreign investment monitoring report which was being communicated to Issuers by NSDL via email has been discontinued.
Issuers are requested to take note of the same.
For any queries in respect of monitoring of foreign investment limits, the same can be addressed on group Email ID viz., film@nsdl.co.in or contact NSDL FILM team on Telephone nos.: 022 - 4216 5464 or 022 - 2499 4797/4508/4597.

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