CS Trainees/Employees engaged in your concern-Are they members of CSBF? Your success stories in this regard


21st November, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,


It is likely that students pursuing Company Secretaryship course or Company Secretaries are engaged as Trainee or Employee/Partner respectively in your company/self-proprietorship concern/partnership firm/LLP. It is presumed that you must have used your good office to advocate and propagate the benevolent cause of Company Secretaries Benevolent Fund (CSBF) amongst them with your benign advices, encouraging and motivating them to subscribe to CSBF at the earliest. You realise how important it is for them to subscribe to CSBF in order to safeguard their beloved ones against their unfortunate absence which could cause huge financial strain on their families.


We are very thankful in case you have undertaken initiative in this regard. The Institute would like to recognize and felicitate at suitable forums any significant initiative undertaken/results achieved in the matter. You may kindly share your success stories with us, the precise action taken on the part of your concern, the number of members with their name and membership number who have enrolled into CSBF as a result.  We shall also disseminate the information amongst the CS fraternity to encourage others to emulate.


For any further information, you may please write to saurabh.bansal@icsi.edu



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