Clarification under section 232(6) of the Companies Act, 2013

Several queries have been received in the Ministry with respect to interpretation of the provision of section 232(6) of the Companies Act, 2013 (Act). Clarification has been sought on whether it is mandatory to indicate a specific calendar date as 'appointed date' in the schemes referred to in the section. Further, requests have also been received to confirm whether the ,acquisition date' for the purpose of Ind-AS 103 (Business combinations) would be the 'appointed date' referred to in section 232(6).

It has been clarified that the provision of section 232(6) of the Act enables the companies in question to choose and state in the scheme an 'appointed date'. This date may be a specific calendar date or may be tied to the occurrence of an event such as the grant of license by a competent authority or fulfillment of any preconditions agreed upon by the parties, or meeting any other requirement as agreed upon between the parties, etc., which are relevant to the scheme. The 'appointed date' identified under the scheme shall also be deemed to be the 'acquisition date' for all purposes. However, where the 'appointed date' is chosen as a specific calendar date, it may precede the date of filing of the application for a scheme of merger/ amalgamation in NCLT. However, if the 'appointed date' is significantly ante-dated beyond a year from the date of filing, the justification for the same would have to be specifically brought out in the scheme and it should not be against the public interest. Further, in the case of the event base 'Appointed Date', the said event would have to be indicated in the scheme itself upon the occurrence of which the scheme would become effective. However, in case of such event-based date being a date subsequent to the date of filing the order with the Registrar under section 232(5), the company shall file an intimation of the same with the Registrar within 30 days of such scheme coming into force.

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