CBIC has Solved Different GST Problems You can Face During Filing by SAG Infitech

The Good and Service tax came into effect from July 1, 2017. It is now 2 years and 6 months and still, there are some issues that need to be Solved. After the launch of the GST, it was well supported by the Indian trade, Industry, and professionals. But the government and authorities also need to solve the problems so it will fix the current structure from the ground level. The solution is also necessary for the betterment of the Economy of our country. Actually, Our country now needs a simple and easy to follow GST structure.

Problems in the Current GST Structure

Remove and Return Late Fee

GST Late Fee is a huge problem for the dealers. On various occasions, the Government has removed the late fees for the dealers who failed to file their returns. But the government doesn’t care about the dealers who filed their return before that time with the late fees. In such case dealers who filed a return with late fee feels cheated thus the late fees collected from these dealers should be refunded to them.

ITC-04 Need to be removed

ITC-04 was postponed several times and due to the postponed, it was removed for the initial two years. But even after such a long time, the form does have the same problems, it will be a good step to scrap this form forever to give relief to the affected dealers.

ITC 10% Provision

The provision of a 10% Input credit provision needs to be postponed for some time and it should be again included with proper preparation and planning of the time. Actually, the provided time limit in the provision is not enough, dealers should be given at least 3 to 6 Months time period for clearing all the Mismatch of the input credit.

Revision of GSTR-3B

As per the GST Act, there is a provision of solving the mistakes filed while filling the return by the dealer. But actually, there is no such provision given in respect of GSTR 3B. There is a need for a facility to find and solve the mistakes that occurred in the GSTR 3B form. Without it, there will be a Notice from the Department for even a small mistake and this will result in a stack of these cases and the Department does not have the manpower to attend all.

Remove RCM

The RCM is something like a technical formality, It is having no financial effect so removing it completely since the inception of GST i.e. July 1st, 2017 is a much better idea.

GSTR-10 Surrendered Dealers Late Fees

In most of the cases, the form GSTR-10 has NIL information thus this late fee is a big burden on the dealers who already surrendered their registration certificates. To short out this problem the form should be taken with the application of RC surrender. And in NIL cases where the return is not filed please waive the late fees. Additionally, NIL GSTR-10 should be made optional because it doesn’t have any purpose.

GSTN Should be Fast and responsive

Taxpayers recently reported that they are getting issues filing the returns, It happens due to lack of capacity and in other words due to bandwidth. The taxpayer previously reported that it is very slow. Thus when it is for all the taxpayers of our country then it is really necessary to boost the performance of the Platforms.

Threshold Limit

GST was introduced as "One Nation One Tax" but it became different when enhanced only for Goods and not for services. The small service providers are not getting any benefits through it. Thus the Limit for services also should be extended to an appropriate level to make it "One Nation One Tax" again.

Make GST simple and smooth

GST was introduced with stringent procedures as a Tax to curb the evasion of tax instead of the collection of taxes. It has to be very simple, understandable and equal but the current GST Structure is sometimes confusing and sometimes discriminating for the taxpayer. That’s the main reason for pending taxes of the first year when GST is now 3 years old. Thus a reliable and easy structure is needed.

GST’s main purpose should be to help the Trade and Industry whereas the ultimate aim is to make a strong economy of the country, Thus it should be as simple as possible. But till now it failed, it failed horribly. It is increasing the problems of trade and Industry day by day hence some effective solutions and efforts are needed to solve all the problems of GST structure.

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