Bhagwan Krishna as the Role Model for Company Secretaries By CS Ravi Bhushan Kumar

When Arjun refused to fight the upcoming battle at Kurukshetra, Krishna overcame Arjun’s reluctance to fight by analyzing the idea of self and by showing him the duty of a Warrior against wrongdoer and what is the duty of a warrior who walks on Dharma against the warriors who walk on the path of adharama.

It was Krishna in Mahabharat Yuga showing the path of Dharma to Arjun and Ruler of that time. Krishna tried to bring back Duryodhana on the path of Dharma but he did not listen to anything of Krishna and result is known to all.

Similarly; in the Modern Yuga; it is the duty of the Board of Directors of the Corporate to run the corporate on the path of Dharma by abiding by all set of laws and rules in true spirit and words in such a way which shall take care of the interest of all the stakeholders of the Corporate. And this is the true essence of Corporate Governance.

The Companies Act, 2013 says that this is the function of a Company Secretary to guide the Board to run the company with adherence to compliance of all applicable laws as Krishna did for Arjun.

The duties of Company Secretary shall also discharge, the following duties, namely:—

(1) to provide to the directors of the company, collectively and individually, such guidance as they may require, with regard to their duties, responsibilities and powers; (As Krishna Did in Mahabharata by providing guidance to Arjun to fight against adharma and established the rule Dharma);

(2) to facilitate the convening of meetings and attend Board, Committee and General Meetings and maintain the minutes of those meetings; (To Create Dharmakshetra as Krishna did for Pandavas and create & keep records);

(3) to represent before various regulators, and other authorities under the Act in connection with the discharge of various duties under the Act; (as Krishna Represented Pandava as Santidoot in the court of Kauravas); and

(4) to assist the Board in the conduct of the affairs of the company (As Krishna assisted Arjun to fulfil his duly while walking on the path of Dharma).

"If we could take Board as Arjun of Corporate Mahabharata
then the Company Secretary is the Krishna of Corporate Mahabharata."

Krishna was the custodian of Law “ Dharma” for all beings of the universe and we company secretaries are Custodian of Laws for the Corporate. Hence the idea of our Profession is” Shri Krishna”


Proud to be a Company Secretary!

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