Automation of CS Training Services in ICSI

The CS (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 have been have been made effective w.e.f. 3rd February, 2020. Through these Regulations, a new training structure has been put in place.

In view of the same, the institute has automated the various training services in ICSI. Now, the entire training services shall be available on Online Platform to facilitate the stakeholders to get quick and timely response from the Institute.

Key Highlights:

  • -> Students can apply online for all kind of short term trainings like Executive Development Programme (EDP), Professional Development Programme (PDP), 15 Days Academic Programme, Management Skill Orientation Programme (MSOP), 15 days specialized training.
  • -> Online payment facility for training programme through Payment gateways.
  • -> Online registration facility for Companies and PCS for imparting practical training.
  • -> Practical training like AT and MT shall be executed in an online platform in which students can send their training agreement, appointment letter online.
  • -> Auto generated training sponsorship letter, mail and SMS at every stages of training.
  • -> Both trainers and trainees are provided separate user IDs to access the facilities.
  • -> Quarterly Training report shall be filled online and project report automatically submitted to the Institute.
  • -> Online procedure for availing exemption from training.
  • -> Training completion certificate showing history of all training undergone from time to time to be provided to students to enable them to apply for ACS membership subject to other conditions.

Students are requested to use their credentials of (user ID and password) for login into their respective account on

Trainers (PCS / Company) can use the online facilities through The user ID and Password for the trainer for using the online facilities is as below for your reference and record Please.


Loginid: 6922834121


Password: Pass@123##


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