3 Important Tips for 3 Successful Years of CA Articleship By Ankit Lohiya

Tip No 1:

The most important thing in articleship is "Ownership" of the job given. Once you start thinking that the client and the work you are handling are your own and not your boss's, you will surely love working on that assignment and due to the ownership feeling, you will try to give your 100% into it!

Tip No 2:

Cross application of knowledge gained at CA Final Classes or during CA Final studies at Office and vice-versa.
If anything new you do at the office, then do take out some time to read more on it back home or related to it in your CA Final study material.

Similarly, anything you come across during your CA Final studies and the same you do someday actually in office, then try to pitch in your input in office from the knowledge gained from your studies.
This will benefit you in retaining what is taught in classes and also help gain recognition in your office by your valuable insights!

Tip No 3:

Proper handover of work with the necessary guidance to your juniors once you reach into your 3rd Year. This also includes informing it to your clients before you go on your study leave via a Mail stating the new person-in-charge. This results in a smooth transition for the clients and also looks professional!
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